Saturday, October 13, 2012

Introducing Pippa!

Hi all...sorry it's been a while, but I realized I hadn't introduced everyone to our new addition to the family. It is our Lab puppy Pippa. She is coming up to 7 months and she is a delight. Dog obedience is going well, she is in her second session and will be working toward her Companion certificate upon completion of this session. We have had alot of fun with her. We put our beloved Shadow of nearly 12 years down the end of February, and seriously debated if we were going to be a dogless...and we couldn't do it. We looked around and spoke to different vets and decided to go out of state to get our little sweetie. She is really smart. She likes her walks and loves the water, but not so much our is too deep too fast. She even vacationed with us in Holland and hung out at our friends place and loved jumping waves at the Holland State Park I wanted to upload a picture but the ipad isn't letting me even though I have one as our screen saver. Where is my friend Bethany when I need her? (Hello Bethany in NC...we are praying for you!!) I will keep trying! Harvest is going well...these rainy days are busy too with clean up, fix up, and prep for the next day we run. Well, that is all for now, I'll try to be better on the updates...and as blessed!!!

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